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3 Unexpected Times You Could Use Home Insurance

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When people think of using home insurance, it is to cover some of the most common incidents such as a fire or theft. There are actually many details in your policy's declaration page that list what you are covered for. Here are 3 unexpected times you could use home insurance.

Natural Disasters

If you live in an area that is known for having earthquakes, you most likely need addition coverage for protection against earthquakes. For homes located in flood zones, you need flood insurance for the very same reason. If you have a mortgage, it's common to be required to have this type of insurance in order to get your loan. This means that you are already covered in the event of one of these natural disaster.

You could be covered for other disasters, even without additional coverage. For instance, volcano damage is a natural disaster that could already be covered, which includes damage caused by lava, ash, and dust.

Power Loss

When your home is struck by lightning, or is hit by another natural disaster that causes the power to go out, chance are that there will be a lot of structural damage to your home. In addition, the loss of power could have also caused other things to become damaged that are not structural. You could have electronics that got destroyed due to the power surge, or food in refrigerators and freezers that eventually spoiled from not being chilled. You're already paying your deductible he pay for structural damage repair, so it will make sense if you include all of those items affected by the power outage as well.

In a situation where you had a normal power loss, it's possible that your insurance company will cover the damages caused. However, the damages may not be higher than what your policy deductible is. Even though you have coverage, it may not make it worth using insurance. If you had a low deductible, it makes it possible to use insurance to pay for the damages.

Personal Injuries

Your home insurance policy also comes with liability insurance, which protects you from lawsuits if anybody is injured on your property. This can be from something as simple as a slip and fall when a person leaves your home, or a dog bite from your pet. Make sure you know what your limits are on your liability coverage, but it should be enough to cover an injury.