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Reasons Why You Were Found At Fault For An Accident: How To Fight Back

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When it is believed that you were responsible for a car accident, this can lead to your car insurance claim being denied. Another risk of being accused of causing a car accident is that you may be forced to pay out a settlement or even go to court. This can be frustrating if you believe that you were not at fault for the accident.

Found At Fault Because Of An Insured Motorist Driving Your Car

One reason why you may be found at fault is if you allow an uninsured driver to drive your car and this driver has an accident. However, if there was a good justification for this, such as if there was an emergency and the car had to be moved, you may not be found at fault.

Drinking And Driving

Another reason why you may be found at fault for the accident is if there is evidence that you were drinking and driving. Even if you did not actually cause the accident, drinking and driving is often used as a justification to cause you to be found partially at fault. If a breathalyzer was used and you were found to be intoxicated, consult with an attorney on how to proceed forward. 

Specific State Rules

Insurance companies have lobbied state legislators to make it possible to challenge liability on the grounds of a motorist driving without insurance or breaking the law. For example, a motorist who is speeding might be found liable even if he or she did not move into another motorist's lane or did not hit the other motorist. However, it is important to know the specific laws for your state to determine whether you should really be considered at fault. 

Even if you do break the law, special circumstances may allow you to avoid being seen at fault. For example, if you need to change lanes suddenly and did not have time to signal a change, but you changed lanes abruptly in order to avoid a road hazard, this might be used as a justification to make a lane change without a signal. The more evidence that you have to support your case, the more likely that you will be able to win the case. A police report, photographs, and witnesses will help bolster your case with your insurer. Most insurers are happy to consider evidence and will not require the same level of evidence that is required for civil litigation. To learn more, contact an insurance agency like Lanham Insurance Agency