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Keep Track Of Vital Documents Pertaining To Your Truck

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The title, registration, and proof of insurance to the used truck that you recently purchased are vital documents that should be accessible to you at all times. If you are someone who tends to be unorganized and you are leery about losing important papers, use the strategies below to assist with keeping track of your truck's title and registration papers.

Place The Title In A Lock Box

Purchase a small, waterproof lock box. Carefully fold the title to your vehicle and slip the document into an envelope. Label the outside of the envelope with the year and model of your truck before placing the envelope inside of the lock box. Set the lock box on top of a shelf or inside of a closet. Choose somewhere in your home to store the key to the box.

If  you would like to be certain that you won't encounter a situation in which you cannot find the key to the box, take the key to a locksmith to have a couple copies made. Most likely, you will not need to remove the title from the box, unless you need to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle or choose to sell your vehicle.

Request Copies Of Registration And Proof Of Insurance

Request additional copies of your vehicle's regristration and proof of insurance. Keep the additional copies in the lock box so that you can retrieve them if you ever lose the original ones. Store the original documents inside of a waterproof sleeve. Most likely, you will want to keep the registration and insurance card within arm's reach so that you can grab the documents if you are pulled over by a law official.

Before placing the waterproof sleeve inside of your truck's glove compartment, empty the compartment and clean it. Try to get into the habit of keeping the glove compartment organized. By not placing additional papers and miscellaneous items inside of the glove compartment, you won't be likely to lose the registration and proof of insurance. If you ever need to remove one or both documents from the glove compartment, make a point of replacing the items in their designated spot as soon as possible.

Before heading on the road each day, look in the glove compartment and locate the documents. The last thing that you want is to be pulled over and not have proof of registration or insurance, because this could cause you to be ticketed and handed a stiff fine.