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Purchasing Car Insurance After A DUI: 3 Things You Need To Do For A Reasonable Rate

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An arrest for a DUI is a costly mistake that has financial implications for years to come. Though it is common for your auto insurance premiums to drastically increase, there are steps you can take to keep these premium increases under control. Check out three things you can do to keep your auto insurance premium reasonable. 

1. Shop Around

You can expect your insurance rates to go up because insurance companies now view you as a high-risk driver. How much your rate will increase depends on your insurance company. One of the most important things you can do to keep your auto insurance premiums reasonable after a DUI is to shop around with multiple insurance companies.

Each insurance company has different partnerships and insurance programs; make sure to take advantage of any professional memberships, and see how much savings you will obtain by moving all of your insurance policies to a single company. 

When obtaining premiums, make sure that the information that the insurance company uses to provide your quote is accurate. If you no longer need to insure a vehicle or if your daily commute has changed, these items need to be taken into account, as they will influence your premium.

2. Consider Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance

An SR-22 form is a form that some states require individuals convicted of a DUI to obtain before they start driving again. When you purchase auto insurance, you will tell your auto insurance company that you need an SR-22 form. 

If you do not own a vehicle or do not plan to regularly drive, it is smart to explore non-owner SR-22 insurance. Non-owner SR-22 insurance is much less expensive than a conventional auto insurance policy because it assumes that you do not have regular access to a car. Know that non-owner SR-22 insurance is a liability-only policy and will not cover damage that you cause to the vehicle you are driving. 

3. See If Monitoring Equipment Can Help You Get a Lower Rate

Some auto insurance companies provide customers who are willing to outfit their vehicles with monitoring equipment a discounted auto insurance rate. Fitting your vehicle with monitoring equipment lets you prove that you are still a safe driver and that your DUI conviction was the result of a one-time mistake or misjudgment. The monitoring equipment will consider a number of items when determining how safe of a driver you are, such as your braking times, speeds, how much you drive your vehicle, and where you operate your vehicle.

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