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Your Questions Answered About SR-22 Insurance

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There are consequences to pay when a driver commits traffic offenses, but some of the penalties are greater than others. Committing a simple offense for the first time will often only result in getting fined, depending on what it is, but multiple offenses can possibly lead to jail time and other penalties. For instance, if you are constantly pulled over for driving without auto insurance coverage in a state in which it is required by law, it might eventually lead to your license being suspended. If you commit an offense such as DUI multiple times, license suspension can occur very quickly for the safety of other people. This article explains SR-22 insurance that might be necessary if you are attempting to get your driver's license reinstated after it was suspended.

What Defines SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 insurance isn't like the typical coverage that drivers obtain for their vehicles, as it has a different purpose. Basically, the insurance is needed to confirm that drivers of a high risk are actually insured based on the laws in their specific state. Someone who is considered high risk will have either committed several simple traffic offenses within a short period of time, or they were constantly caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Being at fault for causing an injury collision can also result in a driver being required to obtain SR-22 insurance. The coverage is generally for reinstating a suspended driver's license.

Where Should SR-22 Insurance Be Obtained?

If you need SR-22 insurance, obtaining it may be more challenging than you think. The reason why is because such insurance isn't offered by all providers due to the high risk nature of the drivers attempting to obtain it. The easiest way to obtain the insurance is to find a company that has a focus on covering high risk drivers. It is actually in the hands of the SR-22 insurance provider to file the paperwork and turn it in to the DMV on behalf of the driver. The provider must also keep the DMV updated in regards to when insurance expires or is canceled.

What Kind of Fees Should Be Expected?

As with committing a traffic offense of any type, a driver should expect his or her auto insurance premium to go up. High risk drivers should expect to not only pay a higher premium, but also any fees that are required for filing SR-22 insurance. The filing fee can vary by state, and it is usually only required when the insurance is initially filed rather than being charged on a consistent basis with the regular coverage.