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4 Questions About Car Insurance Safe Driving Monitoring

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Looking to save money on your car insurance and interested in taking advantage of a safe driving program? By placing a device in your car that tracks your driving, you can save money on those premiums. Here are some things to know about using a safe driving vehicle monitoring program.

Will Insurance Rates Go Up?

Many people are worried that their attempt to save money by monitoring their driving will actually have the opposite effect on their bill. Thankfully, that shouldn't be the case. By agreeing to use a safe driving monitoring device, verify that your bill will only go down and not go up. In a worst-case scenario, your bill will simply remain the same and not be impacted in a negative way.

How Is Safe Driving Determined?

There are many factors that go into how your driving is graded, with every insurance provider having their own criteria. However, some things can be expected between insurance providers. The monitoring devices have the ability to track several aspects of your driving, which include how fast you accelerate, how fast you brake, and even how tight you make turns. Your speed is also monitored in general, and the insurance provider will be able to track if you are going over the speed limit. In addition, the time of day will also be tracked, with daytime and nighttime driving being common categories that are monitored.

If you are not driving your car frequently, especially while working from home, that will be factored into your discount as well. Simply driving less often and putting fewer miles on your vehicle is a statistic that is easy to monitor and contributes to you being a safe driver.

What Happens If You Receive Poor Grades In Various Criteria?

Do not feel like you will immediately lose your discount if you do not perform well in any of the safe driving criteria. Everything is looked at as a whole to determine your discount, and you will still see savings if you have poor scores from making sudden stops but still perform well in other areas. 

Can You Turn The Tracking Device Off At Any Time?

While you have the option to opt out of the program at any time, you cannot take the device out of your vehicle when you feel like it. Since the tracking equipment keeps a record of your miles, the insurance provider will eventually know when the mileage on your vehicle does not match the mileage recorded. You may lose part of your safe driving discount as a result.

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