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Types Of Business That Need Commercial Auto Insurance

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Most states require commercial vehicles to be insured, and carrying insurance is also an important way to protect a business's vehicles. If you run any of the following businesses, your company needs commercial auto insurance.

Trucking Businesses

Trucks are some of the most common commercial vehicles, and they require a lot of insurance coverage. Not only are trucks themselves valuable, but they also can carry large loads that are worth a lot.

If you operate a regional, national, or international trucking business, trucking insurance is a form of commercial auto insurance that provides the high limits these vehicles call for. You might also need trucking insurance if your business is in another industry but has tractor-trailers.

Last-Mile Delivery Businesses

Last-mile delivery businesses are growing as online orders become more common. The vehicles that last-mile deliverers use must be insured, just like longer-distance delivery businesses that use trucks. A different commercial insurance option should be purchased for last-mile delivery companies, though.

A standard commercial auto insurance policy is likely sufficient for last-mile delivery vehicles. Cars and vans can easily be insured through a standard policy.


Most florists offer local delivery and thus need commercial auto insurance for the delivery vehicle they use. Even if the delivery vehicle is a personal car, it has to be insured with a commercial policy when used for business.

Hired and non-owned commercial auto insurance is specialized coverage for situations where a business uses a car that it doesn't actually own. The insurance provides businesses with liability coverage should an accident occur, while vehicle owners remain responsible for insuring their personal car against damage.

Emergency Responders

Fire, police, and medical responders need commercial auto coverage for the vehicles they drive. Because fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances are highly specialized vehicles, specialized insurance is needed. An insurance agent who knows commercial auto policies well can help departments find the particular auto insurance they need.

Food Trucks

Food trucks don't just need commercial auto insurance for their vehicles, but they also should have multiple other coverages that extend to the truck. For example, food trucks usually need:

  • General liability coverage for slip-and-fall accidents that occur on or near the truck
  • Equipment breakdown coverage in case the truck's kitchen equipment malfunctions
  • Commercial property coverage to protect equipment and inventory kept on the truck

A package commercial insurance policy can bundle these coverages together, along with auto insurance.