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What Type Of Insurance Should You Get For A Brand-New Car?

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Getting inside a brand-new car that you just bought is exciting. New cars look good and smell good, and they drive perfectly. But you should never buy a new car without purchasing the correct type of automobile insurance. The trouble is determining what types to buy. The best way to find out is by speaking with a car insurance agent. Here is a description of the automobile insurance types the agent might recommend for your brand-new car.


Regardless of whether you have a loan, you'll want to protect your brand-new car with insurance. Thus, it would help if you asked for collision coverage when buying your auto insurance plan. Collision coverage is unique, as it covers your vehicle, even if you wreck it. You can cause an accident with other drivers or objects, and your collision coverage pays the damages. Of course, you'll pay a deductible before the insurance proceeds come, but a deductible is a small amount compared to the damages you can encounter.


Secondly, damage can occur to your new car from things other than collisions. For example, someone could break into your car and damage or steal it. You could also experience damage from the weather. For example, a tree could fall down from high winds, landing on your vehicle. You can protect your vehicle from these incidents by adding comprehensive coverage to your plan. This coverage protects you if you experience car damage from one of these things, animal collisions, and more.


Your policy should always include liability coverage. The whole purpose of this is to protect other drivers you might collide with when driving. Liability is the coverage that pays for their car repairs after you cause damage to other people.

Gap coverage

Additionally, adding gap coverage is important for new vehicles. Gap is unique, as you only need it for brand-new cars in most cases. The point of it is to pay for the deficit if you total your vehicle. Suppose you total your brand-new car while owing $30,000 on the loan for it. The insurance company might determine your car is only worth $25,000 when you wrecked it, leaving you with a $5,000 deficit. Gap pays this difference.

Buy automobile insurance to protect your vehicle and finances

Buying insurance is vital if you own a car. Automobile insurance protects your car, but it also protects your finances. Are you ready to purchase a plan? Contact a local car insurance agent to find out what types of coverage you should purchase.